DAGA 2021 - 47. Jahrestagung für Akustik, 15. - 18. August 2021

Instructions for posters

The daily poster forum offers the opportunity for intensive on-site and online discussion with the on-site and online poster authors. The posters will be presented continuously from Monday to Wednesday in the "Mall", the heart of the conference as well as in the online platform, sorted by thematic context. In the conference proceedings, a poster presentation will be given the same space as an oral contribution.

What is important for all poster authors?

All poster authors must submit their poster in advance so that it is visible online in the poster area for all participants during the conference.

The deadline was 11.08.2021, 23:59.
Please name your poster after your reference number before uploading, e.g. "629.pdf".

Poster format, layout and attachment

You are free to integrate the DAGA 2020 Logo (download here). For further discussion, we recommend that poster authors include their email address on the poster.

Onsite Posters

  • DIN-A0 portrait format (W x H = 84.1 cm x 118.9 cm)
  • otherwise free design
  • Poster printing and mounting by the author on the wall reserved for you exclusively with the provided mounting material
  • Mon, 16.08.21, until 10:30 a.m.: mounting of the poster
  • Wed, 18.08.21, until 17:00: Removal of the poster (remaining posters will be disposed of)

Online Posters

  • Free design, ideally in a landscape format such as DIN A3 landscape that is suitable for screen display.
  • For on-site participants, we summarize all online posters on one on-site poster, each with QR code and link to the online poster.

Poster forum and time for discussions

The corresponding poster forum for your contribution takes place as indicated in the program book:

Monday (16 March), 16h00 – 16h40
Tuesday (17 March), 16h00 – 16h40
Wednesday (18 March), 11h00 – 11h40

New! During the poster forum, the posters will not be presented at the poster, but in the indicated conference rooms in a hybrid moderated poster session sorted by topics in the appropriate order. After a maximum 3-minute introduction, this allows for a lively discussion with both on-site and online participants. Each poster presenter is entitled to the appropriate amount of time depending on the number of posters (max. 5) in the 40-minute poster forum. Additional discussion can take place by appointment at the poster or online.

For on-site poster authors

  • Please refer to the program book to find out which poster forum your poster is assigned to
  • Please be ready for this poster forum in the indicated conference room to discuss with the participants in a moderated hybrid session with the help of the hall technology
  • Further discussion can take place at a personally arranged time directly at the poster or in the virtual break room. Please note that the WLAN available on site is not sufficient for the use of the online conference, so use your own data volume if required.

For the online poster authors

  • Please refer to the program booklet to find out which poster forum your poster is assigned to.
  • All authors registered as online participants* will receive a link to the online sound check shortly before the conference.
  • Please then enter the online poster forum assigned to you. The virtual room with the thematically summarized poster sessions has the same name as the conference room mentioned in the program booklet for your poster.
  • The virtual break room can be used for continued discussions. If necessary, you can arrange personal discussion appointments.

Please note the adjacent new instructions resulting from the hybrid event format.

Poster Award
A bonus will be awarded to the best three posters by a jury. The awards will be granted at a prominent event at DAGA. One requirement to win the poster award is that the poster is actually presented at DAGA. As part of the poster upload, you can apply for the poster award until Aug. 8, 2021.

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